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Week 5
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Week 5
Week 5

Week 5

Session 5. Changing Our Own Inappropriate Behavior and Putting It All Together in the Real World

Parenting is not an easy task and the more help and support we can get the better. Our community, family and friends influence our children's learning. Where are you getting support? When do you give support to other parents? It is helpful to check in on our's and our children's behavior regularly, identify current problems and make plans for action.

This week we explore:

  • Changing your own inappropriate parenting behavior.
  • Reviewing problem behavior and making a discipline plan.
  • Barriers and supports in using positive discipline: community, culture and yourself.
  • What to do when nothing seems to work!



Homework for this week:

  1. Read the resource handouts and print out the Review a Problem Planning Sheet. Use this form to work through a current challenging child behavior using the tools developed in this class. Review any resources from previous weeks that you may have missed.
  2. Consider a behavior of your own in parenting that you would like to change or use less often. Using the Review a Problem Planning Sheet make a plan for replacing this behavior with another behavior. Share this intention to change a behavior with another person. Also, make a plan for rewarding yourself daily for using other strategies.....your very own sticker chart?!
  3. Read and respond to one of the three Case Scenarios with your view of how a parent could respond to the discipline situation.
  4. Post a parenting discussion on the Positive Discipline website and respond to one posted by another parent
  5. **Complete the class evaluation survey and the anonymous state ECFE Participant Questionnaire (for funding purposes) linked here and below--you can complete these after OCT. 23 last class.

Modeling How to Handle Stress with Your Children

Modifying Your Own Negative Parenting Behaviors