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Week 4
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Week 4
Week 4

Session 4.  Teaching Problem Solving Steps, New Behaviors and Decreasing Inappropriate Behavior with Young Children

Problem Solving Steps and Teaching What We Want

Children learn primarily from watching, listening and doing.  As parents we are their teachers!  If we want them to learn positive behaviors we need to be sure that we are giving them positive information through what we do, what we say and what we help them to do.

This week we will focus on helping our children be good problem-solvers and teach them new behaviors through our words and actions.  Strategies include:

  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Modeling desired behaviors
  • Direct teaching

Decreasing Inappropriate Behaviors

Even if we do our best to avoid problem behavior our children will still do things we don't like.  They are still learning!  It is helpful to have some tools in our positive discipline toolbox that help decrease those behaviors over time. 

We will also discuss and practice the following strategies:

  • Ignoring behavior
  • Distracting or redirecting behavior
  • Substituting an acceptable option
  • Changing the environment
  • Following through with natural and logical consequences
  • Time In and Time Out



Homework for this week:





  1. Review the resource readings on these various discipline techniques.
  2. Print out the Discipline Toolkit handout and post on your refrigerator or somewhere for quick reference when parenting.
  3. Use one of the strategies that you often do not use....problem-solving with your child, a logical consequence, time out, etc.
  4. Post your experience using one or more of these strategies this week and respond to another parent's discussion.
  5. Join the #4 live chat on Tuesday evening, 10/16/12 at 8:00pm to share more on positive discipline ideas.

Using Problem-Solving Techniques with Young Children

Teaching New Behaviors

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