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Week 3
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Week 3
Week 3

Session 3.  Temperament Triggers, Clarifying Parent Values and Being Proactive


Positive child guidance relies on clearly knowing what behavior you want, what your children can do at this age and the uniqueness of you and your children's personalities.  To be effective in guiding your children:


  • Have realistic expectations for your children. 


  • Be clear on what you value and what you want to teach your children.


  • Know yourself and your children in order to tailor your responses to each situation and each personality.


  • Be proactive in your parenting to reduce negative behaviors and increase positive behaviors. 


This week we are looking more closely at how temperament affects you and your child's behavior.  There is also an opportunity to clarify your personal parenting and family values through developing a family "mission statement".  Finally, being proactive as a parent will limit the number of negative behaviors you have to handle so, we will explore ways you can prevent misbehavior and increase positive behavior.  Included in this area is a section on the Emotion Coaching approach as researched and taught by Dr. John Gottman, PhD. 

Knowing this information will build a good foundation for your being an effective parent. You are probably already doing much of this so give yourself credit!









Homework for this week

  1. Through the resource handouts and links below become familiar with your values and goals as a parent and family, you and your child's temperament triggers and several strategies for being proactive in order to prevent misbehavior before it begins. 
  2. Write a family "mission statement" and share a draft with your partner or spouse if you co-parent.
  3. Post your thoughts on the weekly forum discussion questions and respond to at least one other parent's comments.
  4. Try out 2 or more proactive strategies from the resource readings including acknowledging and clarifying feelings as described in Emotion Coaching approach and share how it went in the forum discussion or with the instructor one to one.
  5. Join the live chat #3  (on Oct. 9, Tues. 8 p.m.) with the parents and parent educator if possible.


Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

Value Baby Emotions




Modifying the Schedule or Creating Routines

Praise and Positive Reinforcement


Let Your Baby Test it Out



parents know


Checklist for Personal Values