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Week 2
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Week 2
Week 2

Session 2.  Positive Discipline and Parenting Styles 

Positive discipline is teaching and guidance which strengthens a child as he/she grows toward maturity. Positive discipline helps children grow into persons with:

  •  self discipline
  •  self control
  •  self respect
  •  self confidence

When a parent uses positive discipline....

  • they have many effective strategies to use in helping guide the behavior of their children. 
  • the parent and child relationship is strengthened and the outcome is positive for both in the long run. 

Research on parenting styles has identified approaches that are connected with positive discipline as more successful in raising responsible and respectful children. 



Homework for this week

Do this first:

Review the presentations, resource handouts and links below to explore your goals for your child's  behavior, family values, your parenting style and how family temperaments and parenting styles affect the behavior of your child.



  1. Post some of your thoughts on the "Weekly Forum Discussion" and respond to at least one other parent's comments.
  2. Reflect on your upbringing and confidentially answer the two questions in the "Personal Feedback" section about how that affects your parenting today.
  3. Join the one hour "#2 Weekly Live Chat" with other parents in the group and the parent educator if possible.


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