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Parent Advisory Councils
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Parent Advisory Councils
Parent Advisory Councils
Our Minneapolis ECFE Parent Advisory Councils (PAC) are a highly valued resource. Council membership is a wonderful way to enhance programming and make   connections with other families. There are two PACS: The North Parent Advisory Council (North PAC) and South Parent Advisory Council (South PAC) made up of parents enrolled in ECFE classes and meet monthly to plan area early childhood events and fund raising opportunities.

The Early Childhood Education Parent Advisory Council meets four times a year to asist MPS leadership in developing, planning and monitoring all Early Childhood Education programming including Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE), Three School, High Five, Teen Parent Services (TPS) and Early Childhood Screening. Members include parents, community representatives and  MPS staff. PAC membership is not required to join this group and parents are welcome at any time.

North PAC  (website)
South PAC (website)
*Leadership Advisory Council (LAC)

*This group incorporates a citywide perspective in support of ECFE. Members include parents, and community representatives. You don’t have to be a PAC member to be on this council.
For more information, call: (612) 668-2127.